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Stress-Free Tips for Preparing for the Moving Company

Stress-Free Tips for Preparing for the Moving Company
If you are preparing for a move, you know how stressful the planning, costs, and packing can be. Whether you are relocating across town or across the country, getting all of you and your family’s belongings to your new home safely and without frustration may not be as impossible as it seems. By allowing yourself adequate time to prepare your belongings and locate the best movers for your needs, you can significantly decrease anxiety, loss, and even costs associated with moving.

The longer that you have to prepare for a move, the better, but try to give yourself at least two to three weeks time. For long-distance moves, you may need to hire the movers many weeks, if not months, in advance. Choose your moving date as early as possible and commit to packing a bit each day (or pay for a packing service) in order to make your move-out and move-in process relaxed. Following a few simple guidelines can help make the move as easy as possible. For more information, you can visit the Hudson Movers website.

Know Exactly What You Are Moving

As you pack, keep a detailed inventory of your belongings and an estimate of their value. Number boxes to match your inventory so that you can both monitor for loss and easily get boxes to the correct room and priority ranking at your new home. For example, you may note that box 1 contains 20 sweaters at a value of under $100 and belongs in the bedroom.

If you suspect an item may be particularly valuable, have it appraised and insured separately as needed. There is no way to do so retroactively, so be sure to protect these items upfront. For any breakable items such as electronics or collectibles, take digital pictures of the item to show condition prior to moving.

Understand Your Insurance

Most moving companies do not provide specific insurance, so it is critical that you understand what is covered (or not) in advance. Your property insurance may cover certain losses, but again, it is important to know the details prior to your move. If necessary, you can purchase additional insurance on specific items.

There are insurance providers that offer relocation coverage at fairly high premiums. However, if you have a large household to move over a long distance, the supplemental insurance may be well worth the cost.

Use Specialty Movers For Specialty Jobs

If you happen to have a collection of fine art, a wine cellar, a piano, or other specialty items to move, research, meet, and carefully choose a specialty mover with a great reputation.

Finally, if you have irreplaceable items that you can move yourself easily, do so. You will feel more comfortable with your priceless heirlooms in your own care.

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