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Signs of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Signs of a Successful Real Estate Agent

In real estate, whether you are buying or selling a home, there is a heavy amount of reliance placed on the real estate agent. This is how it’s meant to be, real estate agents are essentially that force that brings you from point a to point b. A successful real estate agent can make this journey a simple transition, whereas a bad one can draw it out and make it a living nightmare.


For this reason it’s important that you seek out the signs of a good real estate agent. What exactly does this entail? The following are signs of a successful real estate agent, in addition to what you should expect should you ever need one.

They are Informed and Personable

There are factors in dealing with real estate that cover 2 very different areas of life: legal components as well as personal. A successful real estate agent needs to be aware of what legal challenges may surround a properly, as well as be able to talk with possible buyers/sellers in an effective manner.


If you are looking into a real estate agent for your own personal needs it’s important to insure they have both of these qualities. All the knowledge in the world stored inside someone that is the very opposite of a “people person” is the creation of a situation that can only be described as undesirable.


This isn’t to say that people that are new in the field of real estate are incapable, but they simply don’t have that field experience that develops over being in the business for a few years. Insuring that they have a history of closing deals and operating in the field of real estate in general is a valuable factor to consider.


This is a double-sided factor to consider; you want to insure that the reputation of a realtor is golden from two different angles.


The first angle you want to consider is general consensus: the reviews they have received from other people are positive and make you want to do business with them. If they have a list of complaints attached to their name it’s probably a wise choice to seek out other options.


The other angle would be any history of violations in real estate, along with negative feedback that may be residing with them from previous clients.


By looking into their reputation you are not only allowing yourself the awareness of the kind of person they are, but also the knowledge they keep on the real estate market. If they have several violations in their time of practice it’s probably a bad sign.

Aim for a Full-Time Realtor

Full-time realtors tend to be far more invested in the profession, and far more aware of the rules and regulations tied to it. When looking into a realtor if you have an option between a part-time and full-time realtor the better option is all inside the title. Pick the one that does it for a living, not an option for side money.


The right realtor makes a significant different whether you are the buyer or seller of a property. Visit Slavens & Associates if you would like to learn more.

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