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Common Plumbing Services in Canada

Common Plumbing Services in Canada

Thousands of houses and commercial buildings in Canada seek plumbing services every month for small water leakage problems or bigger issues like installation of pipes. Small problems require the same level of attention since they only get worse and bigger with time. So many companies in the country offer plumber services, although other local plumbers can attend to your water problems. However, you should always consider getting help from a certified and a reputable company.

Routine versus Emergency Plumbing

Toilet blockage and leaking pipes seem to be the common plumbing problems in both commercial buildings and homes. Plumbing problems vary in sizes. Therefore, the type of service that one gets depends on the seriousness of the issue and the level of inconvenience. There are two types of plumber services in Canada including:

• Routine Plumbing- this is the usual type of service offered on regular weekdays working hours. Residents seeking plumber’s help for a minor problem often receive this service.

• Emergency plumbing service- some companies that offer the routine service may extend their work hours to include night time, holidays, and weekends. The services are expensive compared to regular service since it requires a highly trained plumber to complete the task. Some issues like gas leaks and sewage problems need immediate attention.

Roles Played by the Plumbers

Most people think that unblocking the drainage and repair of pipes and taps is the only service in a plumbing company. However, they have a broad range of services that they provide as explained below:

1) Drainage – bathroom and sinks water carry debris with them, which may accumulate and clog the pipes. A plumber work involves installation, removal of waste, and repair and the maintenance of storm water and pipes.

2) Sanitary Services- this is one of the most sought services and every plumber should be able to fix the problem. Some of the sanitary issues include plugging, problems while flushing, and toilet overflows. The bathroom or shower faucets are also prone to problems. Additionally, you may have to call a plumber to inspect your sewer system if you experience slow draining or foul smells on your toilet.

3) Water issues- every plumber solves many water problems in their career compared to other plumbing issues. The service involves installation of pipes, maintenance, unblocking, and repair. Water leaks may damage the roof and trigger growth of molds.

4) Gas service – a plumber runs maintenance and repairs the fittings and appliances connected to the gas equipment.

5) Mechanical services- plumbers offer water heaters and coolers installation and repair services. They also work on the cooling and ventilation of buildings through the installation of pipes, valves, tanks, and air condition system. Plumbers also have expertise on roof water systems where they install gutters, and rainwater piping system.

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